About me

I really like to play! Play and design are synonymous to me. Whether I’m coding an app, writing a syllabus, or sketching in my notebook, I try to stay in a “ludic mindset.”

In 2015, I received my PhD in Design & Computation from MIT, reciveved an MArch from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (GSD) 2003, and a BArch from Hampton University, 2001.

What I do

As an Associate Professor and Department Head of Art + Design at North Carolina State’s College of Design my research spans the areas of learning technologies, algorithmic thinking, shape grammars, and mixed digital media.

Working with Virtual Reality (VR) is just the starting point of my research. With it we tap into the playful-ilinx qualities of media. But in my work I’m more interested in how we can help kids become creators rather than consumers of VR content.

Get in touch

If you’re interested in exchanging rich ideas, feel free to contact me. I’m frequently traveling, giving workshops, speaking at venues, and participating in design reviews. I also love showing people around our beautiful campus of NC State if you’d like to visit the College of Design and see “Wolf Pack” innovation first hand.

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