Creative Making

Art + Design + Engineering

In working with undergrads at MIT and RISD I’ve found a spectacular intersection between the arts, engineering, and design. If we want design and art education to bridge the divide between arts and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), it must do so in a way that is meaningful and allows for flexible and intuitive creative processes. If we can teach our students to embrace calculation methods beyond traditional mathematics, and in turn use them to produce expressive and creative works of art.

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Design For Learning

Design + Education

This seminar brought students from Harvard's GSD & GSE to work collaboratively together. The class looked beyond the spatial concerns for educational environments and took a critical look at how we craft learning objects with learning experiences. In doing so, we are trying to improve K-12 education by fostering a constructionist-learning environment. Play itself became the core element of investigation in these design experiments.

Playful Coding

CS + Design + Education

Coding and working with various programming languages is not as daunting as some would assume. Many designers without backgrounds in computer science and advance mathematics often avoid such domains, finding them counterintuitive to their own design process. This elective debunked several misconceptions, as I introduced students to coding and hacking methods in a user-friendly way allowing them to prototype projects and creatively explore new ideas.

3D Visualization

Digital communication through computer modeling and animation

Over the last eight years I have worked on several commercial projects covering everything from entertainment, engineering, and architectural visualizations. Most recently I produced a series of films for the MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places Research Group. These animations have been used for both internal exhibits as well as for news segments on Fox News, CNN, and the BBC. As a graduate student I have assisted in teaching architectural visualization with Professor Takehiko Nagakura. My expertise in computer modeling, animation, and rendering has now fueled my future interest and research into harnessing video game engines to produce architectural visualization.

Full Demo Reel

City Car

Position:: Film Director, Lead Computer Animator, Video Compositing, Film Editing.

PEV Bike and Spike App

Position:: Film Director, Lead Computer Modeler, Lead Computer Animator, Video Compositing, Film Editing.

Les Gargoyles

Position:: Film Director, Lead Computer Modeler, Lead Computer Animator, Video Compositing, Film Editing.